Each and every Swana diamond comes with a unique Gemological Certificate.
The certificate is issued by the International Gemological Institute (IGI), the world's largest independent gemmological laboratory.

Your certificate specifies the colour, clarity, cut, polish, shape and carat weight grading of your Swana diamond.

Should you misplace your certificate, or you would simply like to verify its grading, you can retrieve your diamond's IGI grading here.

IGI Certificate Number:  
Your diamond's IGI Certificate Number is located at the top left, back side of your IGI certificate, and is also engraved on the girdle of your Swana diamond. To see the number engraved on your diamond, you will need to use a *10 magnifier, or other magnifying device.

Carat Weight:   Carat
Your diamond's carat weight, as described on your certificate. If you have lost your certificate, you can supply only your Certificate Number, and we'll retrieve your Carat weight. Alternatively you can check your invoice, or contact the dealer you purchased your Swana Diamond from, and ask them to here is a possibility to reprint a replacement certificate.

Please contact us for further information on this matter.