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What is the difference between platinum and gold, and which metal should I purchase?
Both gold and platinum are precious metals, and each has advantages and disadvantages.

In the natural form of the metal's purity, gold is softer while platinum is stiffer. Gold is yellow while platinum is white.

Pure gold is measured by Karat, 24 Karat being equal to 100% pure gold. Since 24K is too soft to hold diamonds and other gemstones, the metal is mixed with other materials such as silver and platinum to achieve a firmer alloy that can hold the stones properly. The highest purity of gold that is used in diamond jewellery is 18 karat (75% pure gold). There are also lower purities of gold such as 14K, 10K and even 9K. Swana Diamonds is using the highest form of purity and thus we offer our products to you only with 18K gold.

Your 18K Swana diamond jewellery will be firm, and will not suffer from scratches as other precious metals do.

Like gold, platinum in its pure form is also equated to 24 Karat. Unlike gold, the natural colour of the platinum is white, and its weight is relatively higher than that of gold. Since platinum is firmer than gold, it is used in diamond jewellery in the forms of 90% purity and 95% purity. When comparing diamond jewellery made in platinum to jewellery using gold, the platinum is softer, and the jewellery is more sensitive to daily usage effects. Because the weight of each item is slightly heavier than gold, and the price of platinum is normally higher than that of gold, you may expect platinum jewellery to cost slightly more than gold jewellery.

Your Swana diamond jewellery will be made with the highest purity of platinum - 95%.